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"Encyclopedia For Christian Schools"
How to Start & Operate A Christian School
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How to Start & Operate a Christian School
This 400-page "Encyclopedia" of information on how to start and operate a Christian School was published in 1980. Although that seems like a long time ago, little of the information contained in it is obsolete.  Many principles and even procedures are timeless.

Some things, like Christian School Curricula available, actual financial numbers, and other available resources will be different.  But you will still find this an invaluable guide for starting your Christian School.

Even if you are a home schooler or plan on starting home schooling,. you will find in this book valuable information to make your job easier.

And the price is right.  It originally sold for $100.  Now, for a price of "FREE" it will give you a foundation for a solid and lasting school.

Included are the contents of 4 cassette recordings with messages on the foundational principles of Christian Education.